Does menopause affect skin health?

Study summary

Menopause is commonly associated with a poorer skin health and vitality, but even though many women experience skin problems at this time in their life, we still know very little about why this happens.

A decrease in oestrogen is one of hormonal changes that occur with menopause which is thought to affect skin health. Oestrogen has many actions in the skin and there is some evidence it can control skin immune responses. Researchers are interested in understanding how hormonal changes which occur with the menopause can affect skin immunity and how the skins ability to provide a barrier to the environment might be affected.

They would therefore like to look at changes in skin immunity and barrier function in the skin of pre and post menopausal women, as this will help us understand how loss of oestrogen may play a part.

Who can take part?

Healthy 40-65 year old women

What will the research involve?

Taking part in this study will involve 3 visits to the research facility over an 11 day period.

During these visits, you will undertake a number of different tests including photographs and measurements of your skin and skin elasticity, a sticky tape to the skin test, as well as a blood sample and 4 small (6mm) skin biopsies taken from your buttock.

Where will the research take place?

Salford Royal


You will be reimbursed £150 upon completion of this study for your time and effort in taking part. 

Posted on 6th November 2017 by Jess Zadik

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Study References

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