Focus group – loss of vision following a stroke.

Study summary

The research team is looking for people who have experienced sight loss following a stroke, who would be interested in taking part in a focus group for a  stroke research study.  They are looking specifically for people with experience of homonymous hemianopia, which is the complete or partial loss of peripheral vision to one side.

It can be difficult to adapt to this change in vision and some people adapt quicker than others.  We do not currently understand how people ‘adapt’ or know what the term ‘adaptation’ really means.  If we can understand this better, we will be able to improve support for people with hemianopia.


Who can take part?

People who have experienced sight loss following a stroke

What will the research involve?

You will be asked to sign a consent form prior to starting the focus group.

During the focus group, you will be asked to discuss the common ideas and key words that came from a previous survey on the same topic.   An audio recording will be made of the session.

Where will the research take place?

The focus group will take part at University of Liverpool.  You will receive a payment as a thank you for taking part as well as reasonable travel expenses.

Posted on 10th January 2019 by Jess Zadik

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Study Information Sheets

Please see participant information sheets for more information about this study.

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Study References

Ethics approved references for this study are listed below

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