Focus group to discuss a potential new treatment for neck pain

Study summary

At Salford University, we have recently developed a new treatment for people with knee pain which works by teaching people how to reduce unnecessary tension in their knee muscles. We now want to understand if this treatment could be used to reduce pain in people who suffer with neck pain.

A big part of our intervention is based on using animated videos which allow individuals to fully understand their patterns of muscle tension. Patients are then given specific exercises which allow them to develop a clear sense of the muscle patterns and ultimately reduce levels of muscle tension. Another part of the intervention is based on the use of EMG biofeedback. This involves using small skin-mounted sensors to measure muscle patterns. This information is then provided on a computer screen so that patients can develop a better sense of their muscle patterns.

Who can take part?

Anyone with longstanding neck pain

What will the research involve?

You will be required to take part in  a  focus group  for patients who have neck pain to explore what a physiotherapy intervention should look like. The team also want to find out what would help long-term patient acceptance of this approach.

A payment of £10 per hour plus reasonable travel expenses will be offered to patients as a thank you for taking part.

Where will the research take place?

University of Salford

Posted on 18th February 2019 by Jess Zadik

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