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Governance of health data in cyber space

Study summary

Advancements in healthcare and medicine rely on learning from a lot of health and medical information. Often, this information, also called health-data, is re-used to understand different health issues, the development of new treatments, and improved health outcomes.

The potential for health-data to be reused by different researchers or organisations requires it to be shared with them, which can only be done under certain ethical and regulatory circumstances. Although strict rules are in place, health-data is increasingly required to be shared with different professions within and outside traditional healthcare contexts, and frequently in vast amounts.

This project aims to identify what rules should apply to the use and distribution of health-related data.

Who can take part?

Members of the public

What will the research involve?

Taking part in a focus group to discuss when you would consider sharing your health data and the factors that influence your judgement.

Where will the research take place?

Manchester  Рvenue to be confirmed

Posted on 23rd May 2019 by Jess Zadik

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