Is it o.k. for commercial companies to access your healthcare data for research?

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Study summary

Health and social care data is information collected when people use and access health and social care services, such as GP practices, and it is stored in patient records. It can include information about you, such as your gender or ethnicity, but also about your health, such as the medicines you take or have taken.

The collection of health and social care data is an important source of information to help your individual care but it could also be useful for other organisations outside the NHS  for research purposes, such as commercial organisations.

Commercial organisations, such as drug companies or technology product companies, are organisations which could use health and social care data to research into ways to improve people’s health and prevent illness. These organisations will also make a profit by being able to access and use this data.

This study is interested in understanding the general public view around commercial organisations having access to health and social care data for research purposes. You do not need previous knowledge  about the subject area and we will explain what you will have to do on the day.

Who can take part?

All members of the UK general public, over the age of 16 years old, can apply to participate in the study. The study is looking for a mix of people, including people with long term health conditions; however this is not a requirement for applying.

What will the research involve?

Before you are accepted on to the study, the researcher will ask you some screening questions.  This will be done to make sure there is a mix of people taking part in the study.

If you are accepted on to the study, you will be invited to attend one session. The session will last at least  90 minutes but up to a maximum of 2 hours, depending on how quickly you complete the tasks.

The study involves 2 tasks:

  1. First, you will be asked to decide  how much you agree or disagree with 42 statements about commercial organisations having access to health and social care data. We will provide information about how to do this on the day.
  2. Second, you will take part in a short one-to-one interview where you will be asked to discuss the decisions you made. The interview will be audio recorded.

You will receive a  £50 Love2Shop voucher for taking part

Where will the research take place?

Vaughan House, Portsmouth St, Manchester M13 9GB

Posted on 31st July 2019 by Jess Zadik

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