About Citizen Scientist

Better health, better treatments, better knowledge and understanding of disease and illness all come from health research. The treatments and medicines we use today were once just ideas that had to be tested in clinical trials to make sure they worked effectively and helped patients. We are benefiting all the time from past and current health research by living fuller, healthier and longer lives. A century ago, one in two people died by age 45, nowadays that figure is less than one in 20.

All the treatments we take for granted today came about because of  research that took place throughout history. This is thanks to the hard work of researchers, but also the people who get involved, because without you, research simply couldn’t happen. There are many ways you can get involved in health research – you can take part in trials that test new medicines or treatments, take part in focus groups, or maybe complete questionnaires that can provide doctors with an insight into how people live, or care for those with certain conditions.

The Citizen Scientist project gives you access to local and sometimes national research opportunities that you can choose to get involved in.

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Anyone can get involved in health research and help the NHS to discover better treatments and medicine for you and future generations. As a Citizen Scientist, you could contribute to improved treatments and medicines that may one day help someone you know.